The Rancho Patagónico is the starting point for the adventure that Patagonia will show you like you've never experienced before. Its privileged location gives you the opportunity to explore the very heart of South Patagonia, from east to west and from north to south, starting from the very center of the Macizo del Deseado.

Strategically positioned, the Rancho has immediate access to the main routes in the area. It also serves as a connection point between the two main routes that connect southern Argentina with the rest of the world. This is the "Mítica Ruta 40" and "Ruta 3", known as the Blue Route for constantly bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

We can access the Rancho by both “Ruta 3” and “Ruta Provincial 12”. Going down the first one, we move towards 3 Cerros, turning right at the entrance of “Ruta Provincial 49” to the Petrified Forest of Jaramillo. After crossing the Forest we will head towards “Ruta Provincial 12” and about 38 kilometers after leaving the Parque Nacional Bosque Petrificado we will find the entrance to the Rancho.

In the same way we can access the Rancho by going down “Ruta 3” and turning off in the town of Pico Truncado towards “Ruta Provincial 12”, continuing until its intersection with the “Ruta Provincial 49”. There we cross to the left and a few kilometers we will find on the left side the entrance to our Estancia.



The Rancho can comfortably house them to share a unique experience in Patagonia.


The Rancho Patagónico comprises 10,731 hectares of land divided into 3 main squares. It has 3 main constructions, elaborated more than 100 years ago. A main house where guests are staying, a secondary house where our gauchos live and a main house where we have our poultry.

It also has stables, an original bar built from a 1917 Ford truck, a mill, water wells, several artisanal ovens, fire pits and recreation areas to hang hammocks, assemble tents and any other camping equipment that we want to take advantage of.

The Rancho is designed to accommodate up to 12 people at a time, with two double bedrooms and a master bedroom with 4 bunk beds that house up to 8 people in total.

It has comfortable facilities, perfectly set in the style of 1900. For cold nights we have a large fireplace in our main room, to enjoy a good wine and a snack. In addition, it has a very well stocked cellar with wines, traditional spirits, beer, Scotch and Bourbon.